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Antiterror/Counterterror - Air and Maritime Security

This unique and extremely comprehensive special study and training course has been positively mentioned by official European Aviation Safety Agency "Deutsche Flugsicherung" in their in-house magazine as "very positive contribution to air security"

Ever since 9/11,if not before,  we have all heard the buzzwords "Air Marshal" and "Sky Marshal". Of course, they’ve existed before many more than 1 generation on US aircraft but these jobs have been in the news and TV-shows and movies constantly ever since the murderers high-jacked those planes on 9/11. Aviation security has been an issue since the 1960's, in some countries more, than in others. The Israelis El-Al (in cooperation with Israeli counter terror units) developed the most successful security concept in the world. They have proved that in fact it IS possible to make airplanes and airport secure.

Our PASO course, despite the course's name, however is NOT a pure air security training course. Aviation security and aircraft security (air marshal training included) is an important part of the PASO course, but it included many more facets of transportation security, travel security management, tourism security and maritime security (including anti piracy strategies and tactics) plus Hostage and Crisis Negotiation and anti terror strategies in general.

PASO includes the following and much more:

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In order to train for a long-term career on the international private security market, a pure air marshal or "counter terror training" simply isn't going to cut it. It won't be sufficient to offer you jobs for the rest of your career, the reason being that there simply aren't private air marshal jobs around at all times. Thus, you need to obtain a complete training as a travel and transportation security expert. PASO is probably the ONLY course of its kind around at present - it's definitely unique in that it comprises of ALL pertinent elements for a long-term career as aviation/maritime/travel and transportation security expert. All certified BSA-PASO graduates will receive full-time employment upon completion of the total course - guaranteed built-in career for each and every PASO!

Duration of course about 18 months (including complete studies and the in-camp seminars)

Requirements: clean bill of health, min.18 years of age, high school diploma or equivalent, no criminal records

PASO Certified Air and Travel Security Expert - total tuition fee:  7500 EURO (appr. USD 10,300.00)  includes the complete course, tutoring, use of online campus, all practical seminars, accommodation in camp, Tsevah Shel Echad close combat, weapons training, all exams and final exam, certification - tuition payable in 3 instalments


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