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As of the beginning of the new fall/winter semester 2009/2010, the new BSA participants can use a financing option (student credit) offered by EUBSA BV Inc. in order to facilitate the payment of tuition fees for the BSA study courses. This option applies to the BSA courses PSM, PMO, PPO, PIO, PII, and PASO. It does NOT apply to any of our tactical training courses in camp, such as MOTT, SpecOps or CP tactical (these fees are to be paid up before attending the camp training).

EUBSA BV Inc. offers you a credit contract for the full tuition fee of the study course. The tuition fee will be somewhat higher using the credit option (compared to the regular payment option) but there won't be any kind of extra charges e.g. for interest or handling fees.

Example calculations:

PMO course using the student credit option

 - minimum down payment with registration  2500 EURO (at present about 2,800.00 USD depending on exchange rate)

 - monthly payment of 250 EURO for duration of 22-24 consecutive months (depending on course)

 - total payment thus about 7,500.00 EURO (no interest rate, no fees in addition to course fee)

PPO course using the student credit option

 - minimum down payment with registration  1000 EURO (at present about 1,400.00 USD)

 - monthly payment of 339.29 EURO for duration of 14 consecutive months

 - payment for the camp training (full tactical CP training)  4,750.00 EURO (to be paid before the camp training)

 - total PPO fee thus about 10,500.00 EURO

By paying a higher down payment at registration, you'll be able to lower the monthly instalments.


If you are interested in using the student credit, please contact us any time.


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