Certified Counter Terror Specialist (CTS)

Counter Terror - add-on training "Early Detection of Terrorists and Attackers" - Detect, Defer, Destroy

This training simply is a must for citizens and security staff alike  -  learn how to detect attackers and terrorists before they kill the innocent. Most attacks do not "fall from the sky". You CAN learn how to detect such attacks some time before they occur. Learn the techniques for early detection and how to defeat terrorist and other brutal attackers.

(matching parallel course: Undercover Operative)

This add-on course (which is now included in some of our complete study courses such as PIO, PPO, PSRS, PASO) teaches you the techniques you need to know. Is it really possible to detect attackers in advance, even before they commit their crimes? Yes. Not at ALL times, but on many occasions.

If you do not learn how to do that, of course you won't even be aware of the signs and that would mean you'll not be able to supply the best security and protection possible.

In some countries, such as Israel, some kind of awareness training even to the public and shool kids is very common since the 60's or 70's. The idea of such awareness training thus is not new at all. In the US and Europe, it's becoming increasingly important ever since 9/11 and given the most recent threats of terror groups and criminal gangs; there is no way around it: WE ALL, private citizens and security operators alike, need this type counter terror training, at least to a certain degree. WE ALL can be faced with a brutal terror attack these days, anywhere, anytime. The attacks in France and elsewhere have proven that!

Video surveillance is becoming more and more popular. But does it really help to prevent crimes and attacks? We do not think so. It's nice to have video surveillance at hand after an attack has happened, no doubt, but video surveillance by itself will not help to actually prevent crimes committed by terrorists who don't care about getting caught or killed - for propaganda purposes they even WANT to be videotaped. Again, the recent attacks in France and elsewhere haven proven that!

So, what can you do to PREVENT an attack, to detect a possible attack as early as possible, how do you REACT when an attack occurs? This course "Counter Terror Specialist" (CTS) teaches you all the above.

In our view of the world today, private citizens and security operators, security managers and law enforcement or military operators alike need to be more aware of how attackers operate today and how this can be detected before the terrorists actually start and attack. There are a number of techniques that can be learned and used to detect and stop an attack. If you are a security operator, esp. in close protection or supporting details, this skill set is a MUST; but also as a private citizen, being able to detect an attack early on may make the difference between life and death and puts you in a position to protect yourself, loved ones, other citizens.

This course has been designed for the following main target groups

  • Security operators in charge of protection, close protection or static

  • Private citizens who want to be able to protect themselves and enhance public security as well

  • Security officers in transport and air security, hotel security, as well as security staff generally


There is no doubt that it is possible to detect attackers before they act. There are many examples for that when ordinary citizens, passengers, on-board staff, bus drivers etc. notices something "odd" about someone and called for help, thus preventing yet another bombing etc.


  • in Tel-Aviv, a bus driver used this kind of training to notice a bomber entering his bus. The bus driver used a surprise attack on the terrorist before the latter was able to even react
  • a security guard used these techniques to detect a bomber who wanted to attack a wedding celebration; the guard was able to prevent the attack
  • the "shoe bomber" has been detected before he was able to blow up the plane - the flight attendants used these very same technique

You can learn how to detect attacks which will give you some time to react, to call for help, to warn others. We do NOT want our participants to become heroes or put themselves in harms way. This course is about intelligence and wits. Everyone can learn these techniques - it's not mainly about hand-to-hand combat, however there are a number of special self-defense moves especially developed for these kind of circumstances included. Just about ANYONE can learn and use these techniques. What you need is just the right kind of training and the right knowledge. We all can contribute to public and personal safety. This does not only apply to terrorism but to "every-day-crime" as well. BE ONE STEP AHEAD of the attackers, and also of other security operators who do not posses this skill set!




  • mindset of a terrorst, how to early-detect an attacker, most common forms of attack today, exactly HOW to react in the event of an early detection
  • counter-measures against terror attack and other brutal attacks, how to always be prepared, HOW to defend, counter-attack and destroy attackers in the shortest possible time
  • Learn killing technqiues used by professional hit men, from CIA to Mafia killers - attend our "killer academy" and learn about the killing methods actually used today by assassins, you will not find this training elsewhere, this is not found in any books. We give you the most secret knowledge in order to PROTECT YOUR CLIENTS against assassination.
  • special self defense for counter terror use. This tactical defense strategy is still a military secret in Israel and not being taught to thre public. Only selected members of the security forces are being trained with these extreme technqiues, designed to stop any attacker, armed and unarmed techniques. See also TSEVAH SHEL ECHAD (Israeli Tactical Defense)

If you are interested in acquiring this skill set and attend this special course, please contact us any time. This course includes an off-campus preparation (studies) plus an intensive 5 day camp training; several times each year in various locations in Israel, South Africa and Europe, course fees about 4500.00 USD incl. accommodation, complete course and learning material and certificate upon completion. There's is now an ON-CAMPUS version available incl. a 3-months-stay at one of our facilities.

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