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If you'd like to apply with us to be admitted for any course, please check the following points before you attempt to apply for a study/training course:

·         for most of our courses, there are pre-requisites in order to apply; please check the appropriate course web page and info brochure for these before you apply with us. If you have questions in this regard, please contact us any time

·         Please ask yourself exactly what your personal goal is. What do you want to achieve by completing a course? Our courses are all very different from each other. You need to decide exactly what you want your future profession to be BEFORE you sign up for any course. We are ready to discuss this matter with you, in case you have any queries. When applying, please include a motivational letter describing your personal goals, why you'd like to register for a BSA course and which one.

·         Please send in a complete formal CV/resume about each and all of your prior school, college and vocational certificates and training and experiences, as well as any qualification and pertinent experiences you might have. You will need to contact us before you can send us e-mail attachments. In order to do that, please use our feedback contact form and request info on the course that interests you. You will then be contacted shortly.

·         Our security agency, EUBSA BV Inc., guarantees that each graduate of one of our complete study courses will be offered a full-time employment upon completion of any one of our courses. We thus need to make sure that only the right kinds of students participate. This is why we ask each applicant, before being admitted to a course, to write up a "motivational letter", explaining what his or her personal goals are and why he or she wants to sign up for any BSA course. This letter needs to be sent in along with the CV/resume

In order to start the registration process, please use THIS online application form. This is NOT yet a registration form. Inorder to fully register, we will send you a proper registration form in case you wish to joins us.

Please upload a photo, your CV and the motivational letter by use of the ONLINE APPLICATION form. Once we have received both your CV and your motivational letter a, provided we think you fit the profile, you will receive a confirmation along with an application form you can use to sign up for a course. ONLY by use of the registration form will you be officially registered and admitted to the chosen course.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. Please use the following link to reach our feedback form for any questions related to course descriptions, costs, duration, when you can enroll and other questions.


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