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These ar not short training course over a few weeks but bona fide study courses on top international level:


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CLOSE PROTECTION tactical training workshop, BSA Level 1
PSRS - Search and Rescue Specialist
MOTT Maritime Operational and Tactical Training - maritime security, anti piracy
SpecOps/Recon - Seminar  -  an intensive 6 week add-on course for law enforcement, close protection operators, private military and other security operators. Comprehensive tactical and operational SpecOps training course.
SNIPER TRAINING - unique and hard-to-get comprehensive sniper training course. High standard, top-notch course incl. both total theory and pratical training
PASO - Professional Air Security Officer - the single most comprehensive course of this kind on the private market. Includes travel and air security, maritime and tourism security, air marshal training and more
PII - Professional International Investigator - one of the most advanced study courses available. This course is even MORE comprehensive than FBI agent training. Excellent possibility to multiply your professional options, e.g. for security operators, ex-military etc.
PIO - Professional Intelligence Officer - one-of-a-kind study course to become certified intelligence operator. Includes total necessary studies and pratical training.
PMO - Private Military Officer - if you want to take your carrer 2 or 3 steps beyond that of any regular PSD or PMC operator, shooter etc. and become a true private military OFFICER with built-in career guarantee - THIS is your course...
PPO - Professional Protection Officer - in order to make a true international career as a close protection expert, you need MUCH more training, than just the run-of-the-mill few weeks training courses. The PPO course is one the most comprehensive CP courses worldwide - and possibly the ONLY one with guaranteed and built-in carrer upon graduation!
PSM - Professional Security Manager - complete high-class study course on top international level. Top-notch risk/security/loss-prevention manager, antiterrorist expert, corporation security expert. All in 1 comprehensive course.
PTD - Professional Tactical Driver - this is much more than "just" a special tactical driver course. We concider a PTD to be a full member of a close protection team, taking care of special tasks such as tactical defensive/offensive driving, medical emergencies and IED handling and more. This course includes it all plus basic and advanced close protection tactics.
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