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Tactical, offensive driving plus top-notch close protection

The need for professional close protection services is clearly on the rise - that's no big secret. Since close protection almost invariably includes transporting clients in cars - in fact that's a large part of CP work - and at the same many, if not most, attacks occur when using cars, it becomes very clear that the need for specialized tactical drivers exists. However, there are NOT very many truly specialized experts for this task available.

This PTD Tactical Driver course closes that gap. However, this is not just another defensive driving course. The PTD course is a combined study and training course designed to turn students into close protection specialist drivers AND competent close protection operators. We have created almost a new profession. This course includes defensive, offensive and tactical driving plus close protection training, as well as course modules on personal security and safety, medical trauma treatment, car security, explosives/IED, survival and more.


Whereas most (if not all) other driving courses target close protection operators or corporate drivers and in some cases convoy/force protection operators as an additional training "on the side", PTD is a whole new concept and actually a separate profession. If you know a bit about close protection (CP) work, you probably know of the never-ending discussion "should there be a separate driver in a CP team or should a CP operator also drive the car". Well, as you can guess, we believe it absolutely should be a separate specialist driver.

There are a number of tasks, most involving cars or driving cars, that are time consuming, distracting and will keep the close protection team (or at least some members of it) away from the principal. Parking cars, guarding the car, repairing the car, making sure all works fine, cleaning the car are just a few examples. To us, it also makes a whole lot more sense to keep the driver with the car, having the vehicle ready and secure at all times, sitting behind the wheel when the principal and/or team arrives at the car, than having a CP operator do all that last minute. It is far more secure to already have a driver waiting IN or AT the car when the principal arrives, engine running.  Maintaining a vehicle also requires a special skill set and maybe even some sort of "talent". Not all CP operators own that - it must be learned and trained.

In addition to the above said, a specialized tactical driver can take care of other tasks as well: support of CP team, backup in emergencies, being the explosives/IED devices expert, being the medic expert. Driving the car, of course, will be the main task of the PTD. Defensive and offensive driving, advanced tactical driving, high-speed chases, night driving, emergency driving such as driving while under fire, ramming, getting out of blockades, spins, turns, evasion tactics etc. and other advanced techniques. Escape, evasion and survival is also a task the PTD will be able to expertly handle. The PTD will be trained also in self-defense, handling various weapons and the basic and advanced CP tactics as well as convoy security. All this is included in this extraordinary PTD course.

Many, many attacks - about 60-70% of all attacks, from JFK to Ronald Reagan or the German banker Herrhausen - have and will involve vehicles and/or explosive devices. This new specialized professional, the PTD, is most probably the most important part of a CP team; the PTD will be the expert for these two most common threats in high-risk close protection. This course is the ideal additional training for CP operators, security experts, and professional drivers, chauffeurs, limo service drivers or armored car drivers and team leaders.

This hard-to-get special study and training course PTD will turn you into a special security and CP expert - a highly valuable member of any security and CP team and company. Because this is the case, we offer each graduate of our PTD course an employment contract upon graduation! we only admit a very limited number of new students to this course per year; it corresponds with the number of new PTDs we will employ over the next year or so. Thus we can guarantee employment to each graduate of the PTD course.

Duration of course: 8 months plus seminars, including studies and all training seminars, including a highly intensive 1-week driver's course and about 4 weeks specialized close protection training

Requirements: clean driver's license, min. of 21 years of age, clean bill of health, no criminal record, high school diploma or equivalent.

Tuition fee PTD:  9,500.00 EURO (about 12,00.00 USD depending on current exchange rate) including the complete PTD course, all seminars, exams and certification as PTD "Certified Tactical Security Driver", payable in 2 instalments


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