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Escape, Survival and Evasion Course  - in high-risk environments and crisis situations such as kidnap, plane crash or natural desasters, both security personell and private persons need the skills to survive even the most harsh and demanding scenarios. This course has been shaped after the US Army's and SF  SERE course.  Survive this, and you survive ANYTHING...
TACTICAL QUESTIONING - Learn how to survive severe tactical questioning after capture, kidnap and similar situations - this course is NO joke. You need to be 100% fit to join.
High Class surveillance and observation certificate - this unique course will show you how to conduct high-risk and deep cover surveillance and observation using top notch tactics and technology. Great add-on course "Certified Surveillance Expert"
Crime Scene Expert - add-on course for private detectives, security staff, law enforcement, consultants, lawyers and many others - top notch certified course "Certified Crime Scene and Evidence Expert" - learn how to process crime scenes and evidence correctly
Crime Scene/Surveillance Photography - special and certified add-on course for specialized crime scene and surveillance photography - this hard to get course for law enforcement, detectives, security operators is certified add-on course "Certified Crime Scene Photography Expert"
Professional Security Audit - great add-on course "Certified Security Auditor"  - learn how to conduct deep-security audits and enlarge your professional capabilities as a security advisor/manager, risk manager, loss-prevention manager etc.
Special add-on training Counterterror "how to early-detect and defeat terrorists and criminals" - designed for law enforcement, security operators, air security staff, military and private persons with need for more personal safety - learn how to detect terrorists and criminals before they commit their crimes
UNDERCOVER OPERATIVE - if you are looking for a very special career in private security and intelligence...

Knife fighting - this very comprehensive course includes both handling various knives and defense with and against knives. It comprises Israeli Krav Maga techniques as well al Southeast-Asian Kali. It's also one of the VERY few courses worldwide to include special Nepalese KUKRI knife fighting.

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